"Water" Series

Wow, That's Deep!  60x60

SwimFest 48x48 SOLD

Slow Sink 48x36

Hold Your Nose 48x36

Cannon Ball Blue 48x36

Pool Party Series:

Doggie Paddle 60x60

Water Angel 60x60

Fun 60x60

Watch This 48x36

All legs and feet 48x60  SOLD

Baby Steps 36x24

Coasting Along 36x48 SOLD

Geronimo 48x36  SOLD

Graceful Cannonball 48x36

Pencil Dive 48x36  SOLD
Noodle Lesson 36x48  SOLD

Noodle Dance 36x48

Cowabunga 30x40 SOLD

That Girl 36x48

One More Lap 36x48

Catch Me 40x40  SOLD

Surfing Safari 36x36  SOLD

Can't Catch Me SOLD

chatting 36x36 

Freestyle 30x40 SOLD

Floating 36x48

Shelling Lesson 40x40 SOLD

Boo 36x36

Catch Me If You Can 36x48  SOLD

Water Angel Dive 36x36 SOLD

Tipsy Turvey 48x36 SOLD

All Legs and Feet 36x48 SOLD

Moonlight Swim 36x24

Dive In 48x48  SOLD

Going In and Going Out diptych 48x76

Summer Swim 36x48 SOLD


"IN" SOLD and "OUT"  diptych 36x72

Tipsy Toes 60x48 SOLD

BFFs 36x36  

Chill 40x40  SOLD

Her First 48x30  SOLD

Power Kick 46x46  SOLD

Swirl 48x60  SOLD

Water Angel Yellow SOLD
Toe Touch 48x36 SOLD
Stretch  30x40

Solitude 36x24 

Reach for the Top 36x36 SOLD

Moonlight Swim 28x42

Just Have Fun 48x36 SOLD

High Dive 48x60  SOLD

H2O Frolic 36x36  SOLD

H2O Slip 30x40  SOLD

Going for Gold 36x24

Flow 48x36  SOLD

Drop 48x36

Catch of the Day 36x36 

blissfully blue 48x60  SOLD

Water Fun 40x30

Bleu Water Angel 48x60  SOLD

Blue Bliss 36x48 SOLD

"Touch the Bottom" 40x30  SOLD

"Weightless" 12x12 SOLD

"Suspended" 40x30 

Peace 36x36 SOLD
Deep Blue 40x40 SOLD
Cannon Ball 30x48 SOLD
Churning 40x30
Coasting 30x48 SOLD
Hold Your Breath 40x30 SOLD
Heedful 30x20  SOLD
Surf's Up!! 36x24 SOLD
Sauntering 30x40  SOLD
Descent 48x24   SOLD

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