Peony Polka 24x36   SOLD

If you are interested in my works, and would like to know more, please feel free to email me at

If you would like to view my works, I am represented by:

Meghan Candler Gallery, Vero Beach, FL

Gardner Colby Gallery, Naples FL.

Corse Gallery & Atelier, Jacksonville, FL

Stellers Gallery, Jacksonville, FL

Bennett Galleries, Nashville, TN

Sorelle Gallery, New Canaan, CT,  Albany, NY, Saratoga Springs, FL

Libby Silvia Art & Design, Boston, MA

Signature Art Gallery, Tallahassee, FL!artists/ca4e

"If you do what you LOVE, you will LOVE what you do!"


  1. Eileen, My name is Pamela Sweet and as a member of the WPSE group I would love to have my blog listed on your blog. Hopefully, you are still offering to list our blogs. You can find me at Thank you.
    Yours in art,
    PS I just love your water paintings.

  2. Got it. Can you put mine on yours?

  3. Eileen, did you get my request for any info on Florida Paint out org? As we spend time in Captiva
    And I paint on the Beach .... But thought you may kn