Bunches 36x48

Rosa-bunda 24x48

Rosa-licious 12x24

Bountiful Bough 36x36

Spring Bing 48x60

blue in vase 40x40

Flower Flow 48x48

Red Study 24x24

Tulips 24x24 SOLD

Sunflowers 36x24 SOLD

Lilies 24x36

Mums the Word 30x30 SOLD

Peonies & Pears 24x36 SOLD

Mums and Silver 24x24 SOLD

Red Roses 16x20 SOLD

 Red arrangement 30x30 SOLD

Pink tulips 30x30 Red arrangement 30x30 SOLD

Sunflowers 24x30

Roses in Blue 12x9

Poppies 36x24

Lilies and Apples 36x24 

White Tulips 30x30 Red arrangement 30x30 SOLD

Old Silver and Fruit 30x40 

Poppies and Pears 36x24

Fleur de Chambre 30x40

Old Silver and Apples 30x30

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